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With the announcement to discontinue support of the iStream Publisher solution (formerly Calligo) from Oracle, organizations are in need of a new, enterprise-wide Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution—a solution that provides efficiencies and economies and can be implemented rapidly. Additionally, you need a vendor that possesses industry expertise and a commitment to helping your business, and your customers.

Since our founding in 1986, Napersoft has focused on helping businesses and organizations have success in improving their customer communications by providing Customer Communications Management (CCM) software solutions built on innovative, new technology. By converting to Napersoft CCM, you will increase productivity, streamline your business processes and greatly improve overall customer satisfaction, all of which contribute to a real and measurable return on your investment.

Napersoft CCM Document Platform

Napersoft Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions are designed to holistically manage customer communications across all lines-of-business within an enterprise. Our solutions empower business users to quickly and easily compose, format and deliver relevant and personalized customer communications at the right time in customer-preferred channels, helping to enrich the overall customer experience. Effective communications is essential to the success of organizations across all industries. Many organizations with outdated and incompatible legacy systems are weighed down by paper-based and manual processes that impede their ability to effectively and efficiently communicate with their customers.

The process begins with template authoring. Business units can quickly and easily manage document templates with Napersoft CCM Author, built on Microsoft® Word technology. With automated business processes, Napersoft CCM generates member documents according to the template design. Napersoft CCM distributes the documents based on each members's individual preference - print, e-mail, fax, the Web, text alerts, and/or other formats.

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