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The insurance industry by its very nature is customer-focused. The ability to provide customers with the information and documentation they need, such as customer correspondence, policies, or explanation of benefits (EOBs), is key to improving the customer experience. Napersoft solutions are designed to streamline customer communications across all lines-of-business within the enterprise including underwriting, claims & benefits, policy & customer services and sales & marketing.

Business Areas

Napersoft solutions are scalable for enterprise deployment and support for all business areas to ensure the consistency of customer communications across the organization.


Napersoft solutions are ideal for facilitating the creation, distribution and archival of all insurance documents required during the underwriting process. Complex rating and underwriting rules are typically integrated into pre-approved document templates. Personalized customer content and messaging is also automatically populated into the templates so that underwriters can spend more time analyzing risk and less time creating and formatting customer correspondence. Napersoft’s role-based security eliminates unauthorized changes and ensures regulatory compliance of all correspondence.

Claims and Benefits

With Napersoft solutions, insurance claims can be processed quickly and efficiently enabling adjusters to be more responsive when claims are filed. As a result, customer service and employee productivity is greatly improved. Napersoft solutions integrate with back-end systems to quickly and easily pre-populate claims applications with customer data and claim details. With pre-approved claims document templates and messaging customized for claims correspondence, claims adjusters can quickly and easily respond to customers within minutes and in the customer’s preferred channel-of-delivery such as print, e-mail, fax, the Web, and/or other formats. Napersoft solutions' rule and role-based approach ensures that data entry errors are reduced and that all claims processed adhere to regulatory compliance. With built-in exceptions handling, any claims that require a manager’s approval are automatically sent for authorization.

Policy and Customer Services

Napersoft solutions enable quick and easy adjustments to policy documents and real-time communication via print, e-mail, fax, the Web, and/or other formats to policyholders. Pre-approved insurance policy templates are automatically populated with policyholder data, reducing manual errors and eliminating the need for supervisor intervention. Rules-based insurance policy administration facilitates regulatory compliance and provides a cost-effective and timely processing of policy-related correspondence. Napersoft solutions are easily integrated with other business areas such as underwriting, claims, and billing to facilitate all customer communication needs.

Sales and Marketing

Today's customers want personalized communications. Turn transactional documents such as monthly statements and invoices, into new sales and marketing opportunities containing personalized marketing messages. Use Napersoft solutions to deliver targeted marketing messages with full color imagery and text in the unused white space within billing documents, statements, explanation of benefits (EOBs), notifications, and other transactional documents. Find out how Napersoft solutions can help you increase response rates, enhance customer relationships, cross-sell and up-sell products & services, improve ROI over existing marketing strategies, and translate costs into revenue opportunity by including transpromo marketing messages into transactional documents.