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Napersoft zCCM Document Platform 5.2 is our Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution for IBM® z/OS servers. Napersoft zCCM is a time-tested solution that provides a stable and secure platform for critical, high-transaction volume, high-availability applications. For companies needing a mainframe-based solution, Napersoft zCCM is the solution of choice.

Platform Products
  • zCCM Bridge
    A business process manager that enables automated workflows and processes for creating, distributing and archiving customer communications

  • zCCM Word
    A template authoring word processor that enables easy creation and management of document templates and content

  • zCCM Spell
    A spell check, thesaurus and hyphenation system

  • zCCM Merge
    An Interactive merge engine that enables document generation of real-time front office communications for one to one customer service

  • zCCM BatchMerge
    A Batch merge engine that enables document generation of scheduled back office communications for high volume production runs

  • zCCM Doc
    A publishing engine that enhances and streamlines editing capabilities
    for automating the creation of table of contents, indexes and references in manuals and other reference documents

  • zCCM SDK
    A toolkit for developers to extend the out-of-the box capabilities of Napersoft zCCM