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Get Documents Signed Faster with Napersoft and DocuSign

Napersoft has partnered with DocuSign to integrate electronic signature functionality into our Napersoft CCM document creation and distribution solution. The integrated solution enables straight through processing of documents generated by Napersoft CCM so that you can do business faster, increase revenues and reduce administrative costs.

eSigning Process from Napersoft and DocuSign

Napersoft and DocuSign Integration Example: Customer Applies for Auto Insurance with Straight Through Processing

The following video illustrates one example of the integration between Napersoft CCM and DocuSign. In this demonstration a customer applies for auto insurance through an insurance company web portal. Napersoft CCM automatically creates the auto insurance application, merging data from the web portal and underwriting systems, and distributes it to DocuSign for eSignatures. The entire process is completely secure and is handled in just a few minutes.

Napersoft CCM Interactive Video with eSignature

Benefits of using eSignature functionality with Napersoft CCM include:

  • Reduce the costs associated with transporting, signing and managing paper contracts and agreements
  • Minimize document turnaround times and generate revenues more quickly
  • Ensure customer satisfaction, security, and compliance
  • Eliminate signing errors on contracts
  • Capture all document transaction data in a centralized location
Integration Example Screenshots

Click on any of the following images to enlarge view.

Auto Application Form is Generated with Napersoft CCM

Napersoft CCM quickly & easily generates the auto application form merged with applicant data.

Authenticate Document with DocuSign

The application is sent for signature and the applicant is authenticated by phone.

Customer eSigns Document

The applicant eSigns the application form and it is routed to other signers automatically.

Send eSigned Document

The completely signed document is sent by email to the signers and back to the insurance company for processing.