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The Problem

Are you still using Microsoft® Word or some other manual process to create customer letters?

Are you waiting weeks or months for a simple one-word change to an important customer document template because IT is the only one that can make the change and they are backlogged with other high-priority projects?

Are you struggling to respond to customer inquiries because the documents sent to them were created by and stored in another department’s system and you don’t have access to the system?

Are your current business systems limited to print-only, but your customers want to receive their communications via e-mail, fax, text messages, mobile or the Web?

Are your current systems limited to batch document production only, but your customers want immediate written correspondence and/or access to their documents 24/7?

The Solution

Ditch The Manual Process - We help you automate your document creation, distribution, and archival processes with tailored workflows to align with the requirements of each of your business systems.

Quickly & Easily Create Templates - We provide user-friendly authoring tools, built on Microsoft® Word, so business users can create and manage document templates.

Increase Consistency, Accuracy & Personalization - We help you create and automate repeatable workflows for streamlining your personalized customer communications processes while maintaining regulatory compliance and business standards.

Expand Beyond Paper - We enable you to distribute your personalized letters and statements based on each customer's individual preference - print, e-mail, fax, text messages, mobile and the Web.

Have One Archive for All Customer Documents - We provide a centralized company-wide repository for all departments to store all of your customer documents, enabling customer access to their documents 24/7.

The Problem

Are you struggling to maintain a homegrown document creation system because no one on your team either knows how it works or has the specific programming skills to maintain it?

Are your business units dependent on you to make simple one-word changes to document templates and it requires an expensive programmer from your team to do it?

Are you supporting multiple business application systems that have their own unique document creation templates, workflow, distribution and archive capabilities?

Are you struggling with integrating multiple document output formats with your current print, e-mail, fax, text messages, mobile or Web distribution systems?

Are your business units requiring the capability to archive, search, view and redistribute customer documents?

The Solution

Get Updated - We help you deploy and manage an enterprise-wide customer communications management platform to meet all of your business department customer communication requirements.

Free Your Programmers - We help you free up programmers from making simple one-word changes to document templates so they can work on your back-logged application development projects.

Easily Integrate With All of Your Systems - We simplify the integration to all your production data systems such as underwriting/claims, CRM, ERP, EMR, billing, and/or other systems whether your mix of systems were purchased packages, custom developed and/or built in-house.

Bring Multi-Channel Delivery Without Programming - We help you add multi-channel customer document delivery including, print, e-mail, fax, text messages, mobile and the Web to all your business applications without programming.

Utilize an Out-Of-The-Box Archive - We help you automate full-function document archive workflows for the storage of all of your customer documents in a single company-wide document repository.


The Napersoft System

1. Integration With Your Business Applications - We provide an open integration to your customer data (relational, transactional, XML) stored in your business applications such as underwriting/claims, CRM, ERP, EMR, billing, and/or other systems.

2. Template Authoring - We provide an authoring tool, built on Microsoft® Word with our custom-built components, that enables your template authoring process to be easy, efficient and secure. To make changes to document templates, you simply check the template out from our secure content library, make changes and simply check it back into the content library.

3. Document Generation - We provide you with a choice of methods you employ to create personalized customer documents: high volume production runs (Batch), one to one customer service (Interactive) and/or customer self-service (OnDemand). We have built in easy-to-use automated business processes so you can apply business rules to the template design in order to dynamically include customer data, reusable images, paragraphs and prompts into your personalized customer documents such as letters, correspondence, policies, agreements, statements and EOBs.

4. Document Archival - We provide an out-of-box full-function document archive for the automatic storage and management of all of your distributed customer documents, making it easy to also search, view and redistribute customer documents for one to one customer service and/or customer self-service 24/7.

5. Multi-Channel Document Distribution - Our multi-channel distribution engine enables you to distribute documents based on your customer's individual preferences - print, e-mail, fax, text messages, mobile and/or the Web.


Recognized Industry Leader - We’ve been recognized by our customers as a RAVE Award™ winner in the Document Creation category for delivering exemplary value to customers. The RAVE Awards, presented by Tech Decisions & Novarica, recognizes IT vendors and service providers that received the highest Novarica Average Customer Experience (ACE) Rankings™.

One-Week Quick Start - We’ve developed a one-week quick start engagement methodology at the customer site that enables installation of our platform, initial integration with one business application, design and creation of 3-5 document templates and training for authors and IT personnel. Our hands-on methodology will improve your knowledge of how to use Napersoft CCM most effectively to facilitate project success across your organization.

Ongoing Support & Enhancement - Our team has focused on providing personalized attention to every customer. Our team's years of service and hands-on product experience provides you with knowledgeable and reliable support of your customer communications operations.

Over Three Decades of Experience - We’ve been exclusively focused on Customer Communications Management solutions since our founding in 1986. We strive to understand your needs and deliver the best solutions to help our customers streamline their customer communications.

ROI - We help you achieve a higher ROI through expense reduction from improved automation in document processes, increased revenue from cross-sell and up-sell marketing messages and higher customer retention and satisfaction from increased quality across all customer communications.

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